antireligious hate

While World Seeks to Unite, CBC Spreads Hate
Your “journalism” which traffics in fear and lies is helping no one make it through this pandemic. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is spreading hate at a time when it has never been clearer that we are all in this together.
Australian Reporter Ben Schneiders Leans on American Sex-Trafficking Apologist in Piece of Antireligious Hate
“Ben Schneiders’ article is an embarrassment to journalism, an exercise in information manipulation and a model to be showcased in Media Bigotry 101,” said STAND Director Bari Berger. “We are disturbed and appalled the Sydney Morning Herald sanctioned Schneiders’ targeting of Scientologists with his blatant ignorance, prejudice and unrestrained antireligious hate.”
Brent C. Williams Exposed as Anonymous Enabler of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega
On August 24, another source responded to STAND’s call for information on enablers of hate blogger Tony Ortega , revealing the identity of “John P Capitalist,” the commenting account employed by Brent C. Williams of California.
People Magazine’s Brianne Tracy Serves as Mouthpiece for Leah Remini’s Antireligious Hate
Leah Remini advocated for the opposite, personally insisting upon not getting an education by skipping class and demanding permission from her mother to drop out of school.
Whistleblower Reveals Funding Source of Anti-Scientology Hate Blogger Tony Ortega
Describing Ortega as “pure filth,” and stating he has “done nothing but to create hatred and division between people,” she revealed: “Karen de la Carriere gives large donations to Tony Ortega... to forward her own sick twisted agenda.”