Brent C. Williams Exposed as Anonymous Enabler of Hate Blogger Tony Ortega

On August 24, another source responded to STAND’s call for information on enablers of hate blogger Tony Ortega, revealing the identity of “John P Capitalist,” the commenting account employed by Brent C. Williams of California.

Brent Williams
Brent Williams

Referring to Scientologists as “useless” and their beliefs as “dreck,” Williams has posted thousands of comments urging on Ortega’s anti-Scientology hate rantings.

By doing so, Williams aids and abets an unhinged individual who spends his days stalking and harassing Scientologists, ridiculing their religion, and attempting to intimidate, dehumanize and shame them.

Though Ortega has been described by former colleagues as “twisted,” “abusive” and “obsessed” with spreading anti-Scientology hate, he meanwhile attempts to glorify his hate blogging by pretending he is a “reporter,” a delusion fueled by individuals like Williams.

STAND encourages any others with information and documentation to write in to