Reflections on Religion and Respect This Mother’s Day
How could I let my friend get away with denigrating another religion and call myself a real Scientologist? We treat other religions the way we want our religion to be regarded and treated: with respect.
Religious Tolerance: How You Can Earn Peace
A society worth living in is one in which religious tolerance is alive and well. Let us then make conscious efforts to be more tolerant of those whose beliefs are different from ours, and trust in them to do likewise.
The Little Boy Who Survived the Sutherland Springs Shooting
He was shot five times—twice in the stomach, twice in the leg and once in the elbow. He wasn’t a Marine and he wasn’t deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq.
The Things I Care About
I don’t really care what you think of my husband. Although he has passed on, I loved him. We got along great and laughed a lot. Anybody who tried to convince me that he was a terrible guy wouldn’t get very far. I worked with him and lived with him for 30 years.
Three Universes
Rather than using the third universe—the one we all share—to dominate others and impose our own sense of what is true and correct, what if we chose instead to use it as a neutral, sacred space where we meet and exchange ideas and viewpoints with dignity, respect and generosity?
What We Scientologists Wish You Knew About Us
I am a Scientologist of over 35 years, and my friends and I are here to tell you that we are no different from you.
Why I’m a Scientologist
Every so often, I experience something odd. Someone will come along and insist that I defend my beliefs. They usually have a completely incorrect idea of what my beliefs are, so it gets a bit weird. But hey, it keeps life entertaining (to say the least).
Why I Love Christmas
I enjoy the lights, the decorations, the carolers, the smell of Christmas trees everywhere and most of all I love that people, for even a couple of weeks, try to be just a little bit nicer to each other.
Why Tolerance Is Not Enough. #respectfaith
When I was a child in France, the word “culte” just meant “worship.” Still does. In fact, when intolerant types there want to disapprove of some faith, they have to call it a “secte.” Of course, in the USA a cult can be anything from “the cult of skinny jeans” to some dark, authoritarian thing.
Bigotry and broken relationships: the legacy of Disney & Leah Remini
This show has created an environment of hostility and prejudice that I never thought I would have to experience. You can imagine my outrage when I saw that A&E had picked the show up for a second season.