What We Scientologists Wish You Knew About Us

I am a Scientologist of over 35 years, and my friends and I are here to tell you that we are no different from you. And we are disheartened and angry at what appears to be increasing attacks on our first amendment rights to religious freedom by an increasingly irresponsible national media. What is this country coming to?

A Volunteer Minister with children in Clearwater, FL
A Scientology Volunteer Minister (VM) with two children in Greenwood, Florida, an underprivileged community where VMs provided more than 1,700 hot meals after Hurricane Irma hit.

Do you see me or my fellow Scientologists condemning your religion, harassing and degrading you and your beliefs? No you don’t. That’s because Scientologists respect the religious beliefs of others.

But additionally, that’s bigotry. And don’t think for a moment that the people who are attacking us are not bigots and hatemongers. They are. Bigotry is an ugly word and they are ugly people.

So, why listen to the haters? Do you think you will find truth there?

If they thought they could personally profit from attacking your religion, they would.

“I want people to know what we are ACTUALLY about, and that is helping others.”

Scientologists believe in making a better world for all people, not just ourselves. Here are some of the things that my Scientologist friends and family wish you knew about us:

“I wish people knew that we were very much a part of society: teachers, lawyers, PR people, finance people, real estate agents, accountants… that we are your neighbors. That we are vocal about our religion. We are your chiropractor or your nurse, your councilman, etc.”—Cheryl, Public Relations professional
“I wish you knew that we are just people getting along in the world like everyone else. Everyone wants to be happier, more successful, more driven. We achieve that through Scientology—it’s no more mysterious than that. We also have feelings too—you wouldn’t call Islam a cult, why say it about my religion?”—Jessie, Freelance graphic artist
“We are normal everyday people who love our families, whether or not they are Scientologists.”—Rae, College Administrator
“Our goals aren’t something strange or unusual. We’re pursuing the questions that everybody has about life and existence and we’re trying to improve ourselves. With Scientology I am able to find the answers for myself.”—Lee, IT Consultant
“I wish that people would not listen to hearsay or negative press and assume that it is true. Find out for yourself. We are not exclusive, but rather all-inclusive and welcome all people of good will. Also, Scientology includes tools for better living that anybody can put to use in their life. It’s the non-denominational Swiss army knife of religions.”—Stephanie, Executive Director

There isn’t anything a Scientologist likes better than to extend a hand in friendship, to help someone in need, or change someone’s life for the better wherever they can. This is part of our core beliefs. It’s who we are.

We know these are high standards in today’s world, where controversy, scandal and chaos drive the media and good news is usually a bit “too dull” to report on. And isn’t that a little sad? But sadder still are those who, once trusted, have fallen away from these standards and now choose to attack us rather than admit their own sins. They are hurting good people. One wonders how they sleep at night.

So again, I ask you: why listen to the haters? Do you think you will find truth there? If you want the truth about Scientology, ask a real Scientologist. We’re a friendly bunch.

Let’s be friends.

Eva Mahoney
A poet-dreamer with the soul of an artist but the heart of an Amazon... so don’t mess with her or her peeps.