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Scientologist’s Commencement Advice: How to Make This the Best of Times
It was the best of times. I was on YouTube the other day and began watching some great commencement speeches, including one by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and one by actor Matt Damon.
Media Bias—This is Journalism?
An actress wins not one, but two Emmys: one for her performance as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and one as a producer for Outstanding Drama Series. Her exuberant acceptance speech brings down the house.
On the Basis of Bigotry—SBS’ Steven Trask Objects to Humanitarian Help
There is a curious malady that afflicts a small minority of people: a hatred of those who help. Possibly you’ve had the occasional odd conversation wherein you find yourself arguing in favor of some charitable action or selfless deed that the other person for some reason raves is reprehensible.
Religious Stigma Isn’t Created by Your Neighbors
A poll found that 82% of Americans feel that it is very important for Christians to be allowed to practice freely, while only 61% reported that Muslims deserved religious freedom.
Scientology and Conspiracy: The Real Story
Perhaps you’ve come across “the real story” about Scientology on your Facebook feed, television screen or on some tabloid cover in the grocery store checkout aisle.
The Smear
Through this book, one comes to realize that mainstream news is simply what someone has paid to get placed in front of you.
STAND’s Annual Year-End Reception: A Meeting of Minds
Once I began to study Scientology, one of the things that kept me coming back was the people I’ve been privileged to associate with and befriend. After forty plus years, I’ve yet to meet any group of folks with such a combination of drive, intelligence, creativity, insight, wit, intense curiosity and outright quirky, irreverent humor. The bloggers of STAND are among the cream.
Scientology: The Genie is Out of the Bottle
The frustration level of those desperately trying to shove the Scientology “genie” back in the bottle seems to be at an all-time high. How horrifying is this time for those whose misdeeds and evil plans are being exposed at every turn.
The Liability of Religion Labels
Labels can be great. You can look at can labels and find out whether what you’re getting ready to eat is good for you. You can read labels on machinery and learn that you should really think twice before sticking your hand in there. I am a big fan of those kinds of labels.
The Menacing Horrorshow of Media and Its “Objectivity”
To say there’s been significant recent debate about the media, its role and its reliability is probably an understatement. Fear not, though, I won’t wade into the highly publicized never-ending battle between politicians and mainstream media—that’s getting more than enough coverage on its own.