antireligious bigotry

The Hollywood Reporter’s Record on Intolerance is Another Flop
If you had a neighbor who constantly spread nasty, malicious rumors about you and your best friends, wouldn’t you pity that person? I mean, what kind of a small-minded, craven individual would expend energy trying to tear down people of good will like that?
The Independent’s Sam Webb Is a Self-Proclaimed “Fan” of Hate Speech
After the obscene anti-Scientology posting, Webb reached out to express his support, publicly promoting that he is a “fan” of her hate podcast.
The “Mammoth” Misogyny of David Futrelle
Futrelle’s penned prejudices, moreover, need a rewrite. They are wishy-washy and inconsistently doled out. In a 2013 piece on discrimination, for example, he spotlights Mad Men, the hit TV series set in the 1960s, as an example of the inequality and subservience women were forced into at the time. His object of admiration in the series is a smart, upward climbing character played by another powerful, beloved female entertainer who also happens to be a Scientologist.
Why Bigoted A360 Media Tabloids Should Meet Their End, and Soon
Regardless of the form, such scandalmongers pander to some of the baser human traits, the thirst for gossip, rumor and bad news about your neighbor. And I believe even their readers know these publications are of less than no benefit to humankind.
Anti-Scientology Slur in has since removed the offensive content from the article.
Bigotry Doesn’t Belong in the Atlanta Business Chronicle
The Atlanta Business Chronicle has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.
Does Mercury News Publisher Sharon Ryan Stand by the Paper’s Bigotry?
The article was biased and discriminatory in the extreme and targeted an individual exclusively because of his membership in a minority religion, in blatant violation of Bay Area News Group published policies and standards mandating “fairness” “accuracy” and “credibility.”
CBC—Does Your Christian Readership Support Your Vendetta Against Religions?
Since injustice, corruption and other societal and corporate ills almost always trickle down from the top, I am urging the leadership of CBC to take a closer look at how you are allowing your organization to portray all of Canada’s multicultural, multispiritual, multiethnic and multiracial groups. Someone from each of those groups is a Canadian Scientologist and you are hurting those good people when you publish lies.
It’s Time for CBC to Put an End to Its Campaign of Bigotry
In actual fact it is CBC who is using the pandemic to forward a nihilistic agenda to rob people of their faith.
NY Post, I’m Appalled
In what world is it acceptable behavior to slander an entire religion, based on dubious hearsay, in the hours immediately following a horrific family tragedy?