The Independent’s Sam Webb Is a Self-Proclaimed “Fan” of Hate Speech

Tabloid writer Sam Webb published an article in The Independent on March 1, covering as a news event a Twitter posting in which avowed anti-Scientologist Leah Remini refers to members of the Scientology religion as “dkheads.” 

Webb forwards Remini’s antireligious bigotry and discriminatory rhetoric throughout the article.

Leah Remini & Sam Webb
Anti-Scientologist Leah Remini and Sam Webb, who describes himself as a “fan”

After the obscene anti-Scientology posting, Webb, who describes himself as a reporter, reached out to express his support of Remini on Twitter, publicly posting that he is a “fan” of Remini’s antireligious hate podcast—the same podcast from which numerous Fortune 100 advertisers have fled in recent weeks after learning they were funding bigotry.

Webb, who states he is “especially adept at presenting subjects that could be considered dry and complicated in a clear and interesting way” also promotes on his website his pride in a past article entitled “Did gypsies cut off man’s p*nis in revenge for him sleeping with one of their girlfriends? Police search A-road for missing manhood after arrest of suspect, 22.”

Webb further promotes on his personal website his background in public relations writing. He appears to have now taken on public relations for a fringe group of rabid anti-Scientologists.