STAND League

The Sunday Times Now Goes After Those Who Provide Fun For Kidss
Articles like this which attempts to demean a religion for bringing levity and enjoyment to children and families do a disservice to your own journalistic traditions. They serve to belittle and demean you and the publication for which you work.
Backpage Enabler Tony Ortega Skates on Thin Ice
Nat Hentoff, the iconic journalist who had written for the publication since 1958 and was revered as “The Voice of the Voice,” was among the many staff terminations. In 2008, Ortega fired Hentoff via telephone.
Billy Graham: A Leader Among Leaders
STAND and its members wish to thank Reverend Graham for the good he brought to this world through his message of peace, understanding, humanity and love and for his long life of service to Mankind.
STAND Members Celebrate Success and Another Holiday Season Fighting for Freedom
This week, members of STAND’s Los Angeles chapter gathered at the Church of Scientology of the Valley for their annual holiday reception, to connect, share ideas, and celebrate another year of success in the fight for religious freedom.
STAND Supports National Day of Prayer and the Freedom It Represents
“The free exercise of one’s religious beliefs is the cornerstone of any free society,” said Edward Parkin, STAND’s International Director.
Why STAND Is Covering Jonestown Today
“Murder is the ultimate violation of a person’s human rights,” said Edward Parkin. “When evidence points to murder, complete investigation is not just warranted. It is mandated.”