Church of Scientology

This Ain’t Our First Rodeo
It doesn’t matter if one celebrity likes Scientology. It doesn’t matter if another one hates it. The people who live their lives celebrity-watching are not likely to make an effort to improve themselves, period.
What Scientology Is, to Me
For me, Scientology is about endless possibility and hope. It’s about daring to aim for the top of the mountain and the tools you need to get there.
Whatever Makes You Happy
I’ve gotten that response several times over the past year when I tell people I’m a Scientologist after they’ve spewed their ignorance all over the subject of my religion. Situation one was on a plane. Two women next to me were gossiping about a magazine article that covered Scientology.
Why We’re Rejoicing as Houses of Worship Reopen
What the pandemic showed me is that we can no longer take our faith and congregations for granted. A time may come again where we could be separated indefinitely from the real-world, flesh-and-blood, brick-and-mortar, united practice of the religions we hold so dear. As such, since our church re-opened, my family and I have been even more “religious” about attending.
Anti-religious bigotry against the Church of Scientology
Gratuitous, inflammatory comments like the ones you published in your closing paragraph do nothing more than show arrogance and disdain toward people of faith.
MEDIA WATCH piece on Scientology is bigoted, hateful and false
In today’s world of media-incited religious hatred, no one faith should be used as a prop to attack another. The only product of your posting is to spread bigotry against Scientology. And if the press popularizes bigotry against one faith, whose faith is next?
Disgust at Rosie DiManno’s column on the Church of Scientology
This letter is to express my disgust at the bigoted, snark-laden portrayal of the Church of Scientology in Rosie DiManno’s column published yesterday on the website of the Toronto Star and affiliated publications.
If Billy Joel is the Donald Trump of pop, then…
Your article illustrates very well the lengths people will go to to generate clicks by hitching their wagon to famous names in the news, regardless of how tenuous the comparison.
The Hollywood Reporter’s Bigotry
Your reference insults not only members of the Scientology religion but also anyone who cares about respect for the religion or beliefs of others. Your article shows an utter lack of respect for anyone who believes in something you don’t.
MEDIA WATCH put right on Scientology
I read your report on Brandon Scott Wolf yesterday in which you make a gratuitous—and false—assertion that the Church of Scientology has in some way avoided paying taxes.