You Should Know Better
There is a great injustice being perpetuated by social media. This injustice creates a “fertile” soil for unfair discrimination, lies, and potential destruction for individuals and organizations. It is the communicating and forwarding of unsubstantiated “facts,” innuendos and negative comments about some individual or organization that color the way we think of him or it.
Cheap Shot is Pure Bigotry
Shame on Mr. Bobby Fischer, His article titled “Prince Harry’s Drinking And Partying Get Totally Out of Hand - He’s On His Way To Rehab!” includes a purposely false and derogatory mention of the Scientology religion.
A&E’s blatant bigotry
It would be hard to imagine a network buying and showing a reality series that disparaged Islam or Hinduism.
You have chosen to further lies, hatred, and false propaganda instead of telling the truth.
I have been in Scientology for 39 years and have raised all three of my children by successfully using the principles of the Scientology religion.
ABC 20/20: Your information is based on hearsay and hate
Scientology has been priceless in my life and especially when I raised my son many years ago. It gave me tools to apply when I needed them the most.
A personal appeal for fairness
I had met Leah Remini several times and worked with her on one occasion and that from what I personally observed, she was someone who would do or say almost anything for personal profit.
Another anti-Scientology piece
I’m a systems engineer for a major internet service provider, am a father of 3, and am the editor of the website.
Attack on my religion
When did you decide that ratings take priority over truth? When did you decide that spreading controversy, religious bigotry and outright lies to inflame viewers was part of your job? Are you a catchpenny tabloid or a balanced and authentic news source? I would expect better of ABC.
Inexcusable to forward hatred and bigotry
The Leah Remini attacks on the Church of Scientology, my religion, are her own personal affair, for which she must take her own responsibility, and it is inexcusable for your organization to forward such hatred and bigotry.
Outraged by planned 20/20 show
My name is Jeff Pomerantz. I am an actor and for many years I was a “regular” on an ABC show (One Life To Live). I am a Scientologist, a father, and a grandfather.