And That is Respect
We would have dinner and spend the rest of the night talking till the wee hours about religion—he from his perspective and me from mine as a Scientologist—starting with comparisons of morals and over a few evenings getting deeply into our spiritual nature.
Garden State Politician Recants Anti-Muslim Hate, Embraces Tolerance
When a person embarks on a career in politics, as a sworn-in representative of the people, he or she is bound to uphold and protect the best interests of those they now represent. That includes members of every faith—minority and majority.
House Passes Anti-Bigotry Resolution
No matter what the politics were behind it, no matter what backroom deals and compromises spawned it, no matter what debates, recriminations and posturings preceded it, there it is, done deal, fait accompli, in writing and therefore crystallized for history: the very first, completely all-encompassi
Identity Politics: Divided We Fall
A shining example just occurred in New Zealand. A week after the insane murder of fifty Muslims and the injury of dozens more—in the name of some twisted “identity”—New Zealanders of all faiths and walks of life mourned the deaths together.
On Religion & Politics, or What Not to Discuss at a Dinner Party
“Nothing ruins a dinner party faster than religion or politics.” It’s the unspoken agreement of a polite dinner host and guests. Why? Because people can’t keep their manners in when talking about these two subjects. They’re especially volatile in the current political climate.
Rick Caruso & Karen Bass: My Religion Is Not Your Political Tool
Religion should NEVER be a factor in elections.
Caruso and Bass, You Call This Leadership? Shame on You Both.
Grow up, Rick Caruso and Karen Bass—or at least one of you.
Rick Caruso Campaign Manager Ace Smith Blocks Scientologists Speaking Out Against His Bigotry
Shocked Scientologists took to Twitter demanding to know if the Caruso campaign approved of its manager blocking constituents after they called out his bigotry against their religion.
Taking Action Against Discrimination: Harry Truman
“For these compelling reasons, we can no longer afford the luxury of a leisurely attack upon prejudice and discrimination.”
With All Its Problems Can L.A. Afford a Contest Between Two Bigots For Mayor?
Are either of them genuinely competent to lead an enormously diverse community, the second-largest city in the land, when, instead of attacking its enemies, they assail its friends?