Rick Caruso Campaign Manager Ace Smith Blocks Scientologists Speaking Out Against His Bigotry

On November 6, STAND League exposed the propagandist behind Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso’s anti-Scientology ad—an ad that outraged tens of thousands of Scientologists across the city, along with their friends, families, and interfaith and law enforcement partners. 

The propagandist was Ace Smith, partner at Bearstar Strategies, a San Francisco-based political consulting firm known for its dirty tactics. Smith has been described as “Dr. Death,” “Micheal Corleone” and “Master of the Dark Arts.” 

When Scientologists posted the video on social media, Smith’s response was to block them.

Shocked Scientologists took to Twitter demanding to know if the Caruso campaign approved of its manager blocking constituents after they called out his bigotry against their religion.