hate crime

Seven Years Later, Remembering the Violent Hate Crime Leah Remini Inspired at My Grandchildren’s Church
This hate-induced act of violence serves as a sobering reminder that bigotry and propaganda can have serious and frightening consequences.
Five Things to Know About Leah Remini
Leah Remini’s stated intention is to strip Scientologists of their First Amendment rights and to destroy Scientology.
Hate Crimes Spike Again in the Nation’s Largest County
The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has issued an annual hate crime report for the past 40 years, amongst the most exhaustive and established reports of its kind anywhere.
How Far Is Too Far in Punishing Hate Speech?
In a recent Scottish YouTube video, the creator orchestrates his dog giving a Hitler salute to the camera. Whether you think that video is funny or offensive, the Scottish courts are actually taking the video maker to trial and he could face prison.
In Spite of Everything
The defacing of a public monument is a despicable crime in and of itself. But when the target is a beloved figure like Anne Frank—as happened recently at the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial—and when the motivation is clearly anti-Semitism, acts of defilement reach a whole new low.
Inclusion Can Also Be Contagious—New Law Offers Hope to Hate Crime Victims
Behind the impersonal statistics are tragic stories of businesses being vandalized, people being denigrated, assaulted, and in some cases killed, such as the tragedy which befell an 84-year-old Thai man in San Francisco, targeted solely because of his ethnicity, who was shoved to the ground and died.
Three Legacies of Discrimination—Hate Crime in the U.S.
Groups or individuals on the receiving end of such attacks have a duty, not just a right, to make the truth about themselves known. And most importantly, we are all responsible for doing our part to build a society based on mutual understanding and respect in which we can live securely and in peace.
What Anti-Semitism Has to Do With All of Us
The Institute for Jewish Policy Research compiled a recent report based on an EU survey of more than 2,700 Jewish Europeans between the ages of 16 and 34 living in 12 European Union member states.
Whitewashing Hate—When Is a Crime Motivated by Bigotry?
Vicha’s murder was recorded on video surveillance cameras around the neighborhood. His assailant simply walked up, assaulted him, beat him to death and then walked away—no evidence of intent to steal, just simply hate.
Why Stuart Wright is Wrong
I just read about Stuart Wright, the neo-Nazi hater of Jews, and God knows who else, who vandalized synagogues, and I’d like to say a few words to him. Francis Salvador, Haym Salomon, Mordecai Sheftall and Reuben Etting.