Actual Scientology

Know What You’re Objecting To
It’s fine if you object, but at least know what it is you’re objecting to. As a Scientologist of 36 years, I’ve read and heard things from others about my religion that left me scratching my head in wonder. I am referring to some of the weird ideas people get.
A Scientologist’s Great-Grandmother’s Poem
I was fortunate enough to know, and have wonderful conversations, with a truly fascinating woman—my great grandmother. Just think of it.
The “Secret” Practice of Scientology
He was hoping for some weird, juicy secret stuff from an insider but I had to disappoint him. Nothing there to tell. After that night, the more I thought about it, I realized that’s really all I had been doing over my years as a practicing Scientologist. So now I’ll explain it to you.
MEDIA WATCH’s Misleading Article on Scientology
The underlying flaw is that he repeated highly specious statements from highly tainted sources rather than consulting academic sources such as those available at
Libman Company—Enough of Your Support for Hate and Bigotry
I have been studying and practicing Scientology since 1981 and it has greatly benefited me and all those with whom I am in contact. Don’t we have enough hatred and bigotry going on in our country and the world today? I’m confident that you will withdraw your support of this show once you see how misleading and cruel it is.
Rolling Stone: Stick with the Facts on Scientology
Had he instead opened a book by L. Ron Hubbard or listened to one of his many lectures—similar to listening to Beck’s music before writing his opinion—Piccinini would certainly deliver a more intelligent and meaningful opinion.
Tolerance is the Way, Not Support of TV Hatred on A&E
Supporting Leah Remini’s hatred toward our religion opens the door and contributes to other hate-spewing people like her attacking other beneficial and helpful groups and religions.
Nothing Fake About STAND, the Only Fake Is Leah Remini
There’s nothing fake about my blogs on and nothing fake about my identity as a Scientologist of almost 30 years. I’ll show my face, my birth certificate, my membership card with the International Association of Scientologists and take a picture out in front of my Scientology church.
Patheos Attacking the Scientology Religion is Contrary to Your Original Purpose
It has long been policy within the Church of Scientology that, “Persons suspected of purely medical illness should be referred to a doctor for competent treatment if such a doctor or treatment exists.”
MEDIA WATCH, Use the Resources Given Not Bigots and Haters
Please, take advantage of the resources we provide you at and I would like to see you use them if you choose to write or learn about Scientology in the future.