Wendy Williams Fuels Anti-Scientology Disinformation & Hate

While Leah Remini has openly harassed the Church of Scientology and its members, inciting hundreds of threats and acts of violence since she was expelled from the religion nearly a decade ago for egregious immoral conduct, she continues to propagate conspiratorial anti-Scientology myths and disinformation—disseminating propaganda which bears consistent and frightening similarities to the “nefarious” depictions of Jews in 1930s Germany. Disturbingly, on January 26, talk show host Wendy Williams emboldened Remini’s antireligious extremism. 

Wendy Williams
Photo by Lev Radin/Shutterstock.com

In a virtual interview, Williams indulged Remini’s derogatory and marginalizing rhetoric, inviting her to spread lies about Scientology parenting, Church doctrine and the conduct of members. Throughout, Remini was describing her abusive selfan individual known by the many she has alienated personally and professionally to be an unhinged, toxic personality who bullies, abuses and exploits others.

Disturbingly, Wendy Williams emboldened Remini’s antireligious extremism.

“In a dialogue borrowing from anti-Semitic and Islamophobic jargon which sweepingly characterizes ‘the Jews’ and ‘the Muslims,’ Williams asked Remini how ‘the Scientologists’ behave,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger. “That Wendy Williams would amplify Leah Remini’s campaign to harm, harass and victimize a religion’s members is unconscionable. It is thanks to the ignorance and irresponsibility of enablers like Williams that Scientologists have endured violent threats prompted by Remini’s false and inflammatory rhetoric.

We are stunned Williams would condone, much less participate in, such offensive and abhorrent discrimination.