Why My Staff Don’t Believe I’m a Scientologist

I am an industrial construction field superintendent, which means I oversee all work done at a given construction site. I have been in many environments over my 46-year career, which began in 1971 at the age of 14. Like everyone else, I progressed through life’s journey and encountered the usual barriers and problems one does and began on a quest to learn how to handle these things during my late teens and early twenties. I researched many, many religions, sciences and philosophies.

Three men at a construction site
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In 1985 I discovered the book Dianetics: Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard. I knew immediately that there actually were answers to all my questions and that this was where to find them. I became a Scientologist. Over the next 30 years, I did every service the Church of Scientology had to offer, finding answers to every question I ever had and some I didn’t even know I had.

You may or may not know that a construction site is filled with workers from many cultures, faiths and walks of life. Sit around the break room or cafeteria there and every subject under the sun gets bantered around, back and forth. And here is where the story gets interesting…

I invite anyone I work with to be my guest and come visit my church. Many have taken me up on that offer. They always see that we are all “regular” people.

When asked, or if it just comes up, I tell all my co-workers and associates I am a Scientologist. The funny thing is, they don’t believe me! Every time I ask why, the answer is always the same: “But you’re just a regular guy.” I ask: “What do you think a Scientologist is?” And this answer is always the same: “Well the media says….” Suffice it to say, the fact that I am a Scientologist and that they know me completely dispels the claims of “the media.”

Joel Anderson

My idea of being a great field superintendent is simple and it is what I tell everyone on the crew. I want your ideas, I want you to speak your mind and I want you to think for yourself. I will only show you what we need to build, help you when you can’t solve a problem and clear up any of your confusions. If I order you every step of the way and tell you to do it only the way I say, I will only have robots, and I don’t want robots.

I have been in situations where I was leaving a project, for whatever reason. The crew I oversee responds to this the same way every time: “If you go we go,” they say. I ask: “Why would you do that?”

“No one takes care of things like you,” “you’re a great leader,” or “who’s going to run us like you do?” are the invariable answers.

I invite anyone I work with to be my guest and come visit my church. Many have taken me up on that offer. They always see that we are all “regular” people.

It’s interesting to me that any faith can be given a label of some sort by the media which would then prevent others from looking at it as it truly is.

Perhaps that is why I am a Scientologist.

I look—I don’t listen.

Joel Anderson
Dubbed by friends and colleagues: “the Answer Man.”