We Scientologists Aren’t Biting the Hate-Bait

I recently came across an article in the Washington Post’s “Acts of Faith” section, which I think would have fit better in a “Lack of Faith” section. It was titled “Evangelicals Fear Muslims, Atheists Fear Christians: New Poll Show How Americans Mistrust One Another.”

Several salmon on a hook

Although the article summarizes the results of a Baylor University survey, one could look at today’s media climate and say that the Post is just bragging about its own “accomplishments.” The media has done a very effective job of dividing this nation and its own articles reflecting on it are just further representation of that.

A statue on the Baylor University campus
Baylor University, which conducted the survey “Fear of the Other.”

So the university somehow found it productive to do a study called “Fear of the Other” which examines negative attitudes and the Washington Post found it worthy of print.

So what? 

It’s an exhausting read. Some percentage of Christians think Muslims want to limit their freedoms, some percentage of atheists think Jews have inferior values, blah percentage of this group fears blah percentage of that group and on and on.
In my studies of Scientology, I’ve learned how to use many tools to evaluate a person’s character and determine whether or not he is worthy of trust. They are all based on the individual himself—nothing to do with his race, religious affiliation, or any other broad category one can dream up.

Harmony between faiths will prevail. 
Diverse religious leaders at a celebration of World Interfaith Harmony week.
Religious leaders joined together at a World Interfaith Harmony Week awards ceremony held in Jordan in April, 2016.

How does a person communicate with others? What are his actions, attitudes, and accomplishments? These are what a Scientologist looks at—not race, color, or creed.
When you really know these tools, they change you. You learn to trust or mistrust A PERSON, not a group. Your eyes look past skin and clothes. You look at the traits of the spiritual being walking around in the body, not the body itself. That is where the true “colors” of a person are and to a Scientologist, that’s just a technical fact.
So much for your fear-mongering, media giants. I’m not biting at the hate-bait dangling from your hook. Others are wising up to you as well.

Harmony between faiths will prevail. 

Melissa Butz
Scientologist, bookkeeper, lover of family, friends and the outdoors