Chris Shelton—the Man Who Calls Hate His “New Gospel”

Chris Shelton
Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton, who today posts on social media about “empathy” and refers to himself as an “academic,” was expelled from the Church of Scientology after: 

  • Repeated extramarital affairs
  • Developing a porn obsession
  • Stalking and harassing a woman about whom he stated: “I don’t care about hurting her. I want to keep on hurting her.”
  • Impregnating another woman—then ignoring the child for the first 25 years of his life
  • Exploiting a Church position to have repeated phone sex, while married, with a woman who sought his advice as a Church staff member
  • Spreading online hate speech which he himself called “defamatory”
  • Spying on the Church via a Scientologist whom he pretended to love, while posting information she shared with him under the pseudonym “ihateduplicity” on an anti-Scientology forum

Once expelled from the Church of Scientology, Shelton began billing himself a former Church executive and spewing lies about the religion which, he has said, made him “a better person” and from which he received “a lot of help through the years.”

Shelton refers to antireligious hate as his “new gospel” and receives pay for his postings from fellow anti-Scientologists like Karen de la Carriere—a former “mistress” for hire who was also expelled from the Church. De la Carriere brags that she “owns” individuals like Shelton through her financing of their anti-Scientology hate.