Scientology, Social Science and the Definition of Religion
A Scientologist Asks, Is Religion Necessary for a Society to Thrive?
Just as scientists don’t rely on the blessings of priests to practice their disciplines, priests do not need the approval of science for their continued right to exist and to provide for the spiritual needs of their parishioners.
Galileo’s Middle Finger
In the Galileo museum in Florence, Italy, carefully and lovingly preserved by his admirers in an ornate and gilded glass bubble, is the middle finger of Galileo, the 16 th century scientist and mathematician whose research and writings propelled science and discovery into its present day form.
If You’re Trying to Get Rid of Religion, It’s Gonna’ Be a Long Haul
When the “ Freedom From Religion Foundation” and other atheist crusaders put on their big-boy pants and go after religious symbols on postal workers and bureaucrats, Christmas trees at the White House or Holiday Menorahs on Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills, I’ll believe they are sincere.
Is Technology the Greatest Hope for Humanity?
In 1997, a computer defeated Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess champion that ever lived. Deep Blue was a $10-million-dollar I.B.M. supercomputer specifically designed to beat Kasparov at chess. Tens of millions watched the match from around the world, rooting for the man to defeat the machine. It was a disappointing day for humanity.
Science and Religion
When I was a kid I asked a lot of questions. That wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me now. I can be a little obsessive when I get interested in something. I want to know all about it and understand exactly how it works.
Theophobia, Part I: Why a Hatred of Religion?
Religion has been in an international statistical decline. The religiously unaffiliated, otherwise known as "nones," are growing significantly.
What is “Reality” Anyway?
I took a university philosophy class one time and the part about the nature of reality almost killed me. Aristotle wrote 12 books on the subject, and wow were they complicated. Even the Cliffs Notes version gave me a headache.