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Stop Hate—Don’t Discriminate
The irresponsible and vitriolic Leah Remini A&E show’s incitement of religious discrimination and hatred results in real, physical-world consequences. People suffer. Parishioners, their children, the Church, and officers of the Church experience those results directly ranging from passing discriminatory insults to extreme threats of violence that require the involvement of law enforcement. Read some of their heartbreaking personal stories below, of how the dishonest and untrustworthy Leah Remini A&E show has spread hate.
Priest-Penitent Privilege in the United States
Due to accidents of history, priest-penitent privilege has rarely been analyzed in terms of constitutional protection.
Religious Confession and Evidential Privilege in the 21st Century
A collection of articles by scholars, attorneys and religious leaders that represents the leading comparative study of our time on priest-penitent privilege.
A Bittersweet Anniversary: What Was It With Germany?
Three generations earlier the grandparents of the Germans who affirmed our right to believe had engaged in an attack on a religious minority in their country, one that would culminate in the extermination of millions of German Jews and millions more throughout Europe.
A Curriculum For Our Time: RFI Educates Youth on the Importance of Religious Freedom
“Far too many Americans today simply don’t know that our nation’s founders came to understand religious freedom as our first freedom.”
A Jewish Scientologist’s Reflections on Hanukkah and Religious Freedom
This year, on the last night of the holiday, as the candles in our menorah flickered out with puffs of smoke, I thought of the meaning of Hanukkah. We celebrate a long ago victory in a fight for religious freedom.
A Millennial’s Plea for Religious Tolerance
After attending university and later, in corporate America, I noticed an odd trend—the more people become “molded” into the current expectations of society, the more they become entrenched in the workaday world, the more they ignore this hope that religion had perhaps once given them. They get caught up in their fast-paced life and begin subscribing to the religious cynicism currently in vogue, despite their social media accounts preaching “tolerance.”
A New Years’ Ode to Religious Freedom
One of my personal goals in 2018 has been to speak out, loudly and as often as necessary, to protect my religion, Scientology, and my family and friends who join me in that faith. It’s become pretty clear to me that there are a few people, including some influential ones, who would love nothing more than to take away my freedom to practice my religion.
A Rabbi Speaks Out—Preventing America’s Courts From Becoming Religious Tribunals
What a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge did by interpreting scripture and failing to consult religious authorities on a matter of church doctrine was wrongful.
Adams, Jefferson, Religion & Freedom
A while ago I wrote a post about a squabble in Arizona over whether a humanist could give a benediction to the state legislature that didn’t mention God. There were strong feelings on each side.