religious freedom

Stop Hate—Don’t Discriminate
The irresponsible and vitriolic Leah Remini A&E show’s incitement of religious discrimination and hatred results in real, physical-world consequences. People suffer. Parishioners, their children, the Church, and officers of the Church experience those results directly ranging from passing discriminatory insults to extreme threats of violence that require the involvement of law enforcement. Read some of their heartbreaking personal stories below, of how the dishonest and untrustworthy Leah Remini A&E show has spread hate.
Priest-Penitent Privilege in the United States
Due to accidents of history, priest-penitent privilege has rarely been analyzed in terms of constitutional protection.
Religious Confession and Evidential Privilege in the 21st Century
A collection of articles by scholars, attorneys and religious leaders that represents the leading comparative study of our time on priest-penitent privilege.
In Celebration of Freedom, STAND Wishes All a Happy 4th of July
STAND joins with every religion and every American today to celebrate the freedom to live and believe with honor and integrity—and we thank all those fighting alongside us for religious freedom.
USCIRF Welcomes New Commissioner Susie Gelman
“Her work in human rights offers a unique perspective to advocate on behalf of those persecuted for their religion or belief.”
Scholars Worldwide Stand Up for Freedom of Religion in Japan
“We urge Japanese authorities and courts not to proceed with a measure that would forever taint the image of Japan as a country committed to democratic principles.”
Annual Report From U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Paints a Disturbing Picture
This year’s report is grim, citing significant downturns in religious freedom worldwide.
The Top 10 Religious Freedom Stories of 2023
Often not making it to the front page are the hints of light in the gloom—solitary flashes of good news that pry open the door to a more hopeful future.
Do You Have the Courage Not to Hate?
All these thoughts led me to a revised message for the back window of that car. One that might make an impact.
Pennsylvania Becomes Final US State to Repeal Ban on Religious Garb in Public Schools
America’s teachers can now express their religious identity in every school in the United States.