A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
I don’t know Leah. I didn’t know Leah. I have no interest in ever knowing Leah. But we share many connections, and friends, or rather I know many of her former friends. I say former because they have—as you may have suspected—cut ties with her. Now, let’s talk about friendship.
Adams, Jefferson, Religion & Freedom
A while ago I wrote a post about a squabble in Arizona over whether a humanist could give a benediction to the state legislature that didn’t mention God. There were strong feelings on each side.
Does One Have to Believe in God To Be Moral?
We know from experience in the workplace that there are those employees who need constant supervision to maintain productivity and quality. Yet there are many others who operate splendidly on minimal supervision. They motivate themselves and set their own standards of achievement and professionalism.
How Religion Improves Lives and Why Bigots Oppose It
Growing up as an agnostic, John did not give religious matters too much thought. Nor did he assess his actions against any kind of religious teachings or moral codes. If something seemed advantageous in the moment and the risk was not too great, it was worthwhile.
How to Get Others to Change Their Minds
How many times have you tried to change someone’s mind about something by indicating where they were wrong? Did that work for them or for you?
Objection to bigoted portrayal of Scientology
The snide, snobby, condescending and bigoted view of one far too satisfied with her own ignorance is grossly out of place in today’s world where it is shameful to fan hatred toward members of any religion.