America’s Most Dangerous Cult
“Everybody knows” what a cult is. “Cult” is one of those words promoted by the media. Yet if you question anyone using the word, they invariably fall into a blubbering stammer when trying to define it.
Reimagining Media Fairness
It’s a fantastic time to be a news junkie. I subscribe to Google Alert keywords for religion, health and mental health as well as news of the Oregon Coast where I live. For an international perspective, I track Al Jazeera , the BBC and Deutsche Welle.
Will You Be the Journalist Who Covers Scientology Right?
Whether you are an amateur blogger, the curator of a Facebook page, or a content creator for a prestigious international news organization, if - by your writings or your multimedia content - you seek to inform people about the world, you’re a journalist (or want to be) .
Mr. Pine, Suppose These Lies Were Published About You?
Suppose an “Expose the Media” blog said that an unnamed source said that a person whose father was a journalist said that journalists are abusive, neglectful parents and that their kids are usually messed up.
So You Know All About Scientology?
Possibly you’ve heard reporters and internet parrots squawking the same lines over and over.
The Sun’s Resident Bigot, Grant Rollings, Gets an English Lesson
We of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to English are writing you to protest your misuse of the word “journalist.”
Why My Church Fights for Responsible Journalism
The downfall of journalism has come with a price.