Assuming the Best of Our Muslim Neighbors
The following conclusion to Presumed Guilty: Why We Shouldn’t Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism is republished here with gratitude to the book ’s author, Todd Green — a nationally recognized expert on Islamophobia who served as a Franklin Fellow at the U.S.
MLK Championed Religious Respect, Too
Buddhism wasn’t the only religion that had a profound impact on MLK. A religious intellectual, MLK owned a copy of the Book of Mormon.
Bigotry—I Just Won’t Do That Anymore
That’s the importance of religion, to me. And I know it’s true because I experienced it at that interfaith meeting. And this changed my mind and heart about ever bashing or putting down another’s faith.
Christmas and Our Common Humanity
The Winter Solstice itself is something that nearly all humanity and all life on this planet has in common. The point of renewal. The end of one climate cycle and the beginning of another, which humans experience with all other living creatures. The common experience goes back millions of years. It’s something that’s in us all and it runs deep.
God Has a Name and It Is “Peace”
One cannot, in fact, be a devout Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist and still wish to do harm to those who believe differently (or choose not to believe at all).
How 9/11 Brought Religions Together as the World Fell Apart
Since that time, nearly 140,000 other individuals have been the targets of hate crime in the United States. 140,000, many losing their lives, many others their livelihoods, their family members, and whatever hope and color their existence possessed prior to the crime—all of them, in a very real sense, victims of 9/11.
Pope Francis Appeals for Religious Diversity and Understanding
When Pope Francis talks, 1.3 billion people listen. Thus, it is significant that on his recent trip to Hungary, the Pope called for an embrace of religious diversity.
Rashad Hussain: The Right Person at the Right Time for International Religious Freedom
If confirmed by the Senate, Hussain would arguably be the most qualified person ever to hold the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom post.
Religion Communicators Council Annual Convention–A Member’s View
The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) is the oldest organization of its kind. Founded in 1929, its primary purpose is to "promote excellence in the communication of faith and values in the public arena and encourage understanding among religious and faith groups.
Religions Must Unite to Combat Hate, Interfaith Conference Concludes
A group of religious leaders and scholars recently gathered in cyberspace for an exploration of the role of interfaith unity and the importance of working together to overcome discrimination, intolerance and hate.