Religious Toleration and Religious Diversity
Celluloid, Cigarettes and Religion
It was the early 90s and we were sitting in a dingy film editing room in Encino, California. I looked over at Steve, who’d just asked me the question. He was a fellow film editor; we’d both met earlier that day when our boss, Fima, had pointed to stacks of film reels and told us in his thick Russian-Yiddish accent, “We have three film to cut, I don’t care who cuts which one.”
Connecticut’s First Ever Sikh City Councilman Shows Us How to Build a Better America
The idea that every group, every religion, every individual can come together and contribute to their community by putting the needs of the entire community first is, for me, what America is all about.
Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Centuries of Prejudice Overcome
This month we are reminded of the importance of Hispanics, how far they and we have progressed from the dark days of Columbus and the conquistadors. We are reminded that enough is indeed enough and that the time is now to learn from their cultures, their experience and their history—for by learning about them, we can’t help but learn more about ourselves.
How to See People for Who They Really Are
This lawyer wanted my friend to make a generalization about two groups of people rather than allow her to judge the case by the individuals concerned.
Increased Tolerance: The Apple Pie Method
One day when I was a kid, my mom brought an apple pie home from the bakery. This was a rare occurrence in our sugar-rationed household and therefore a very big deal to me. I, personally, had an open-door policy on sugar.
International Day of Tolerance—Why It’s Worth Celebrating
The idea that one group has a monopoly on the truth has been proven false time and time again. We are each shaped by the uniqueness of our experiences. The point of universal human rights is to create an environment in which people can peacefully coexist regardless of difference, and ideally we can learn to celebrate the endless diversity that creates the human experience.
Jews of Color: From Marginalized to Empowered
A one-of-a-kind study encompassing the increasing numbers of Jews of color—African Americans, Asians, mixed races and others of non-white descent—has turned conventional wisdom as to the definition of a Jew on its head, and has revived echoes of the age-old legend of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
The True Meaning of Passover: Celebrating Freedom and Tolerance
In this season of Passover, Jews around the world celebrate freedom from bondage, a never-before-or-since historical occurrence whereby an entire nation departed in a single day from another nation. But a careful reading of the Bible tells us there was more to this than what many suppose.
Pope Francis Appeals for Religious Diversity and Understanding
When Pope Francis talks, 1.3 billion people listen. Thus, it is significant that on his recent trip to Hungary, the Pope called for an embrace of religious diversity.