“FaithLeaks” and the New Deprogrammers
The supposed purpose of FaithLeaks is to get anonymous tips of wrongdoing within churches and religions, “expose” them and educate people. But as past is prologue, expect old hatreds, prejudices and bias to flood out, carefully sourced to be untraceable, no one held responsible, the perfect forum to covertly smear the reputation and honor of legitimate religious organizations.
Five Things to Know About Steve Hassan
Hassan is a proponent of the criminal practice of violent deprogramming—the kidnapping, psychological manipulation and physical abuse of members of minority religions.
Insider’s Haven Orecchio-Egresitz Gives Anti-Scientology Bigots a Platform
Having themselves cofounded their own cult of depersonalization, wherein members of a minority religion are kidnapped, beaten, starved, deprived of privacy even for toilet functions, and subjected to a host of “techniques”—unprintable in a family publication—all in an attempt to strip the person of his or her beliefs; and all of it for a fat fee.
Let’s Keep Religion Out of Political Attacks
Attacks on religion begin with bashing minority groups—and spread from there. It is our duty and obligation to protect and respect all belief, because in so doing, we’re protecting our own.
Salon’s Nicole Karlis Glamorizes Violent, Abusive Practice, Victimizing Minorities
If you disagree with someone’s political, philosophical or religious beliefs, according to Karlis and her sources, you have a right to victimize and deprogram them.
Rick Ross most notorious “deprogrammer”
As your aim is to “open a dialogue between millennials and key decision makers” it is incumbent on you to provide your reading public with the facts and not one man’s bigoted and corrupt view of religions and the world at large.
Sera “Bozza”: You’re Giving Criminals a Platform
By giving the nod and wink to the likes of Rick Ross and his enablers and apologists, you are siding with a crew that can only politely be referred to as “thugs.” Ross, before donning suit and tie for “exit counseling,” has been the subject of at least three arrests for embezzlement of $100,000 and other sordid activities including theft and kidnapping.
MEDIA WATCH—The New Platform for Kidnapper Rick Ross
The verdict issued by the jury stated that Ross had “acted recklessly in a way that is so outrageous in character and so extreme as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”
How does Scientology view deprogrammers and groups that attempt to force people to denounce their chosen religion?