A Brief Analysis of the Free Speech vs. Hate Speech Debate
In one of his many letters stressing the importance of education, Thomas Jefferson wrote that, “as long as we may think as we will, & speak as we think, the condition of man will proceed in improvement.
Adams, Jefferson, Religion & Freedom
A while ago I wrote a post about a squabble in Arizona over whether a humanist could give a benediction to the state legislature that didn’t mention God. There were strong feelings on each side.
Freedom in Prison
If a man breaks the law, does he then lose his right to be treated as a human being? It’s got to be said that here we’re treading on the toes of a very controversial and contentious issue.
Indonesia Takes a Step Forward For Religious Freedom
I’ll end with my hope that the people of Indonesia will find an inclusive and fair way to treat all of its rich religious traditions and thereby set a new and positive example for other countries grappling with similar problems.
The Founders’ Creator—Islam, the First Amendment and Religious Freedom
Imam Mohammed was asked: “How do I serve my country?” His answer: “I serve my country as a citizen of this country, as a believer in Almighty God.”
Tim Tebow’s Religion, America’s Favorite Pastime
What’s the saying? “It’s as American as baseball and apple pie?” Football gets a lot of the love these days but whenever I go to a live baseball game—anything from little league to major league—I always feel like I’m part of something special, something quintessentially American.
Why Is a Texas School Being Bullied by the Freedom From Religion Foundation?
This is not free thinking. This is hostile to religion and to an individual’s freedom of religious choice, as outlined explicitly in the U.S. Constitution and its amendments.
Why Religion Matters Now More Than Ever
More than ever in these tumultuous times, Man needs knowledge of his own spirituality and a higher state to reach for as a goal.
Why Religious Freedom and Equality Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
The Justice Department has waded into a Supreme Court case involving a Colorado baker who refused to create a wedding cake to celebrate a gay marriage. On September 7, it filed a supporting brief in favor of the baker.