Beliefs About Believing
You won’t find anyone whose pupils contract that doesn’t believe something. From the time we are born, we “believe” everything we sense, and we compute with it.
“Innocents Abroad” and What Mark Twain Can Teach Us About Faith
Faith is spiritual, not physical. Faith exists in the minds, hearts and souls of those who embrace it. So physical proof of the existence of faith is not only impossible, it is unnecessary.
New Survey Reveals America’s Faith Is Still Strong
It takes courage and resilience to maintain one’s faith despite DNA evidence that all is lost and that hope is futile. On the other hand, it takes no courage to hate.
Why We Don’t “Believe” In Scientology
Recently, I've found myself fielding numerous questions about what Scientologists “believe,” so I'm going to address the subject of belief in Scientology in a way you're probably not expecting. Bear with me. First of all, no one is expected to “believe” anything in Scientology.
Religious experience is personal and deserves respect.
I strongly suggest that you refrain from such inappropriate treatment of Scientology or any other religion or belief.
People of Faith Should be Treated with Decency
Hi Rebecca, I read your article today about San Francisco’s sex cult. Your “tie-in” to the Church of Scientology is gross. Scientology is a religion. It has been recognized as a religion by countless courts in dozens of countries—the U.S.
STANDing With the Freedom of Religion or Belief Movement
Freedom of Religion or Belief (#FORB) has just launched a campaign that says, “Believe it or not, it’s my right!” The effort aims at bringing together believers and non-believers to protect and defend every person’s right to freedom of religion or belief.