During Passover, Festival of Freedom, Antisemites Target Site of Nation’s Worst Anti-Jewish Hate Crime
This Passover, with the continued rise of antisemitism, we are reminded that there is yet another scourge that must be eradicated for all of us to truly be free: the tyranny of hate.
False Reports: The Insidious Force at the Bottom of Hate & Violence Against Minorities
Each of us has a responsibility to demand facts and to refuse to forward malicious lies and unproven generalities. We have an even greater responsibility to point out the good that comes with the diversity of the human race.
German Dictionary Redefines “Jew.” Who’s Next?
The latest edition of Duden, the leading dictionary of standard German, recently added a notation to its entry of “Jude” (Jew).
Honoring the Girl Who Will Be With Us Forever, This Women’s History Month
Having left my teenage years behind (something Anne never got to do), The Diary of Anne Frank is on my bookshelf for my children to read.
Jewish-American Heritage Month: A Reminder of the Blessing to Our Nation the Jewish People Have Been
The story of the Jewish people is the ultimate allegory for perseverance. With origins almost as old as history itself, the Jews, through millennia of privation and persecution yet endured and prevailed.
“Just Regular People”—Not Extremists—Perpetrated Majority of 2021’s All-Time High Antisemitic Incidents, ADL Reports
This year’s Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Audit of Antisemitic Incidents paints a grim picture of hate in the land of the free.
Opening God’s Door to Hate: The Terrible Conundrum for Today’s Spiritual Leaders
“I welcomed a terrorist into my congregation. I live with that responsibility.”
The U.S. Now Has a Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism
“It is reassuring to have a tireless warrior against the world’s oldest hatred assume this essential role.”
U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Annual Report Paints Grim Picture, Inspires Yet Greater Resolve
As Chairperson Maenza said, “The scope and scale of the violations are disheartening, but it makes us all the more determined.”
Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Girl Who Changed the World
Anne Frank opened the eyes and minds of millions to the horrors of hate.