antireligious propaganda

Amanda Montell Needs to Calm Down
Not so many years ago I was accosted on the street by a wild-eyed man who had chosen me to vent his spleen upon. I had never seen the man before but he swore up and down (literally) that he knew me, that he knew all my misdeeds and that I should be ashamed of myself.
“But She’s a Scientologist”—Antireligious Bigotry on
I read an article recently on about a friend of mine, a lovely and talented actress who, in her spare time, has been doing some incredible volunteer work, bringing human traffickers to justice—an activity that takes a lot of compassion, not to mention guts.
Family Guy’s Unfunny Religious Bigotry
Even though I’m not a Catholic or a Jew, I was offended by this faux “humor,” which in fact belittled sacred traditions. What is the message? That religious people are deluded and deserve to be mocked? To push such an idea out to millions is despicable to say the least.
Propaganda 101: Leah Remini’s Extremism & Hate
Attacks on religions are rarely based on facts. They are the most alarming lies that can be foisted off on those who react emotionally without ever thinking it through. Tell an intelligent man that those people over there are slaughtering babies and he will go look and find out for himself.
Scientology: The “Other” Philosophy
The philosophy of facing and handling life requires things like responsibility, courage, self-reliance, the ability to reason well, character, and many other characteristics considered desirable in the individual. The philosophy of avoiding and escaping involves the opposite: irresponsibility, fear, dependence, lack of resolve, emotional reaction, dishonesty.
The Arolsen Holocaust Archives—A New Book Awakens Both Our Sense of Beauty & Responsibility
These photographs are proof of what happens when bigotry, fanaticism and blind obedience go unchecked.
Twenty Minutes From Hate
We don’t take these things lightly anymore. We can’t. Not in a parade, not in Mardi Gras, and certainly not 20 minutes away from a memorial that stands in mute warning of where this sort of psychotic idiocy can lead—and where it did lead, not so very long ago.
Vox’s “Cult-Obsessed” Aja Romano Spews Hate-by-Association Bigotry
Romano joins the unholy pantheon of scribes who could care less about the real people she’s hurting, as long as she’s got a gobsmacking piece of clickbait for the masses.
Are You Antireligious, Radio-Canada?
In a time when there is so much unrest in the world, it’s vital that the press work with extra diligence to ensure what’s being reported is accurate and fair.
CBC Propagandists Should Be Ashamed of Themselves
If anyone is taking advantage of the pandemic, it’s you. You’re spinning a helpful, humanitarian effort and turning it into bigoted propaganda because you want to stir up some controversy and earn some ad revenue.