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Hate Merchant Tony Ortega Tries—and Fails—to Curtail STAND’s First Amendment Rights
Ortega was the chief editor of the Village Voice when it harbored, which, according to numerous media reports, was the nation’s leading facilitator for the sale of children for sex. Its three owners have been under U.S. Senate Subcommittee investigation.
The Exploitation of Human Beings for Profit Must End: UN Observes World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Traffickers would not be so successful were it not for their enablers.
Tony Ortega—The Troll and His Prison of Hate
The story reads like a sordid crime novel, with Ortega as willing accomplice, motivated by greed and devoid of human decency. It might be entertaining, were it not for the real-life victims of his complacency and collusion—children sold on Backpage as sex slaves, victims of sexual violence, physical and psychological abuse, and murder—the details of which are well-documented.
Huffington Post Found Nurturing a Religious Hater
Tony Ortega is the caliber of researcher best employed by the likes of Ali—someone so utterly devoid of ethics that any claim, false or embellished, will do for his attack-dog writing.
Disgust Over Daily Mail’s Bigoted Report on Award-Winning Actress
You attack a religion over totally unsubstantiated claims, using allegations taken from an active proponent of Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?
Tony Ortega and the Death of the Village Voice
Having laid waste to the reputations of two publications, Antoine Oman/Cesar Oman/Tony Ortega headed to the Village Voice where in 2007 he was made editor-in-chief. The Voice was seeking to stem the pumping arteries of lost circulation and revenue, problems that—no surprise—Ortega did not handle.
Tony Ortega, former Editor-in-Chief of The Village Voice, Must Answer for Crimes
During his tenure as Editor-in-Chief of The Village Voice, numerous arrests and prosecutions were conducted in connection with the sex trafficking of children via As the Editor-in-Chief, how could it be possible he was not aware of these?
Live From the Courtroom: “Legal Reporter” Meghann Cuniff Has Ludicrously Bad Judgment
Meghann Cuniff is in bed with a child sex trafficking advocate.