The Way to Happiness

Scientology Ethics—Why I Can Face Anything
Unethical behavior is actually the only thing that will guarantee that a person does not progress in Scientology.
How to Triumph over Hate: Flourish and Prosper
You may have heard about the recent wave of hate crimes sweeping our nation. Crimes against Muslims in New York were up 50 percent over last year, according to and more than 1,000 hate crimes were committed in the last few months, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center .
Isn’t there more to life than this, a Scientologist Asks?
“Life is short—live it up.” This seems to be the mantra I hear more and more every day. Now, I’m all about fun. I think things should be fun. I think everyone should have some, I really do. But, there’s more to life than that.
Religious Tolerance and Growing up in Brooklyn
The question becomes: how can we maintain and express our deep-seated religious beliefs and practices without becoming intolerant of those who do not share, or possibly oppose them? The answer to this is expressed by L. Ron Hubbard in his nonreligious book called The Way to Happiness:
Scientology Secrets
L. Ron Hubbard wrote “Look. See what you see, not what someone tells you that you see.”
The Chosen Path—A Fable About Brotherhood
He is an expert on this hellish road you travel, and would teach us its history, and the history of those who’ve gone before.
The Religion of Humanitarianism
“My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world,” said Abdul Sattar Edhi, the late (1928-2016) Pakistani humanitarian and philanthropist whose eponymous foundation ran hospitals, shelters and orphanages throughout his country.
Why Our New Church of Scientology of the Valley Makes Me Proud
Have you ever been proud of some special achievement in your life? Perhaps it was something you did on your own, or perhaps you worked with others to bring a project to fruition.
Is Disney Now the “Bigot” Network?
Leah Remini’s program needs to end. All should be given the chance to find out about Scientology for themselves. They are owed and deserve that.
What is the Way to Happiness Foundation?