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The Age: Don’t Misrepresent My Religion Through Propaganda
Having contributed my own funds and volunteer time to my church to enable it to build better communities in Australia through drug education and human rights education programs which promote morals, common decency and more, I am very offended that The Age would allow one of its employees to slander my church and religion.
Readers Horrified “The Age” Embraces Intolerance
I simply cannot believe, in this year of 2021, after all the world has been through, that such vindictive religious intolerance would find its way into what I consider a respected Australian newspaper.
Scientologists Outraged at “The Age’s” Attack on Religious Freedom
These statements are bigoted and discriminatory in the extreme. This is blatant religious discrimination. Scientologists in Australia are totally outraged by this attack on religious freedom.
“The Age’s” Defamation of My Religion Is Unacceptable
As the editor of a prestigious newspaper, it well behooves you to ensure your journalists are reporting facts. There is more to this story.
“The Age’s” Discrimination Is Downright Un-Australian
I was disgusted to see the discriminatory articles written about my church and fellow parishioners.
We Are Disgusted By “The Age’s” Lies
How dare you write such lies about Scientology, or any religion.
Where Is “The Age’s” Editorial Integrity and Responsibility?
I strongly object to Ben Schneiders’ articles. They misrepresent and denigrate my Church, my religion.
Australian Reporter Ben Schneiders Leans on American Sex-Trafficking Apologist in Piece of Antireligious Hate
“Ben Schneiders’ article is an embarrassment to journalism, an exercise in information manipulation and a model to be showcased in Media Bigotry 101,” said STAND Director Bari Berger. “We are disturbed and appalled the Sydney Morning Herald sanctioned Schneiders’ targeting of Scientologists with his blatant ignorance, prejudice and unrestrained antireligious hate.”
Sydney Morning Herald’s Ben Schneiders Engages in Textbook Anti-Scientology Propaganda
In a pair of articles aimed at marginalizing Australian Scientologists, Ben Schneiders of the Sydney Morning Herald shamelessly employs techniques of antireligious propaganda.
Asden Condemns Bigotry from The Age : “Your Lies Are Destructive”