Reza Aslan

Hindus Rightfully Eviscerate CNN over Gimmicky Reza Aslan Program on their Faith
Reza Aslan and CNN are properly feeling the wrath of those of the Hindu faith for distorting their beliefs through a gimmicky ratings ploy.
Reza Aslan: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Here’s the official set up for CNN’s Believer with Reza Aslan: “In this new spiritual adventure series, renowned author and religious scholar Reza Aslan immerses himself in the world's most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer.”
Daughter of ex-Scientologist objects to wrong impression left by CNN Aslan show
Had you a sincere interest in what happened in connection with my father and me, you could have reached out to me and I would have informed you of the facts. To my mind, this is just another ethical departure from the truth by another of today’s media outlets.
L.A. Times: CNN opts for “sensationalism over enlightenment” with “Believer”
Critics and religious groups are eviscerating CNN for choosing to misrepresent various religions by focusing on small, sensationalistic sects that are irrelevant to those who practice the faiths. “Needs to stop trying to shock.
Only Hindu Member of Congress Slams CNN’s “Believer”
CNN’s new “Believer” series hosted by Reza Aslan is getting scorched in the media for misrepresenting faith communities by focusing on tiny, bizarre sects as a ratings gimmick. Now a member of Congress is weighing in. Rep.
Religious expert reviews Aslan’s Scientology segment
An internationally recognized religious expert viewed Reza Aslan’s Believer show on Scientology and posted his assessment on his website. We present it here in full.
Reza Aslan is Dropped by CNN—“Believer” Will Deceive no More
STAND is pleased to announce that Reza Aslan, host of the bigoted “Believer” series on CNN, has just been let go by the network. His discriminatory show came and went in a single season; it will not be missed.
STAND statement in support of Hindu Mahasabha of America
Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination (known as STAND) support the Hindu Mahasabha of America in their insistence that Reza Aslan and CNN refrain from airing a program that mocks their beliefs through an out-of-context program centered on a small fringe group that engages in cannibalis