Nancy Dubuc

A&E Attacks Religions. Yours Could Be Next.
Where does A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc draw the line for hate-based propaganda on their network? Apparently nowhere. The financial beneficiary of their slanderous attack show against Scientology has just announced plans to expand the hate-mongering to other minority religions.
Leah Remini—the TV Personality Who Makes Disney’s Biggest Villains Look Like Tinkerbell!
Just like in any Disney movie, the villain always loses in the end, winding up with egg on his or her face. Visibly, this Leah character hasn’t yet understood that: to this day she has insisted on rehashing the same old “bad guy” role.
Disney, Please Rein In A&E’s Contempt for Religious Observance
Under these circumstances (not to mention the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights, both of which espouse freedom of religion) the employment of Paul Buccieri, Nancy Dubuc and Rob Sharenow should be terminated, and the remaining executives at A&E should publicly apologize for this atrocious series.
Disney—The Time is Always Right to do What is Right
What could be the motivation if not purely for profit? What’s the journalistic or societal benefit from this show that uses slanderous attacks based mainly on falsehoods and for the material gain of the network and a select cast of characters?
13-Year-Old Boy Demands Cancellation of A&E / Remini Hate Show
A teenage boy in India is taking on A&E executives Nancy Dubuc and Paul Buccieri in a grassroots campaign against bigotry, hate and inciting violence. After seeing on-air previews of Leah Remini’s reality TV show that spreads hate about the Church of Scientology, New Delhi teenager Ram Sharma said he was “sick of” Remini’s bigoted rants.