Is Scientology a Religion?
Scientology and Contemporary Definitions of Religion in the Social Sciences
Intolerance in Hollywood—A Word of Caution
Hollywood, my hometown, is all about tolerance… as long as it fits “their” agenda. Pro-choice, green initiatives, gay rights, gender correctness—you name it. And I personally have no issue with any of these things.
Trust in the Media Hits an All-Time Low
My first personal experience with dishonest media came when I was moving from one apartment to a new residence in the late 1960s, in my early days as a Scientologist.
MEDIA WATCH put right on Scientology
I read your report on Brandon Scott Wolf yesterday in which you make a gratuitous—and false—assertion that the Church of Scientology has in some way avoided paying taxes.
Disney, Religious Persecution Does Not Fit Walt’s Template
Once upon a time it was OK to persecute Christians, Jews, Mormons, Blacks, Muslims, Women. Even though it still happens, we consider it pure hate speech. Are you so sure that Scientologists will always be OK to persecute? Are you really comfortable with an eventual day of reckoning?
Church of Scientology IRS Tax Exemption
Church of Scientology IRS Tax Exemption
Scientologists’ Donations and Church of Scientology Financial Practices
Scientologists’ Donations and Church of Scientology Financial Practices A few anti-religious extremists and apostates have attempted to invent lies and spread misconceptions about the Church of Scientology and its financial practices, particularly with regard to donations from Scientologists.