Holocaust Remembrance Day

“The Will to Create Is the Same as the Will to Live”—Achieving Immortality Through Holocaust Art
In 1944, a courageous band of artists at the Nazi concentration camp Theresienstadt cobbled together a play inspired by the joke—a black comedy entitled The Last Cyclist, in which bicycle riders are blamed for all of civilization’s woes and are hunted down and killed, one by one.
British Royalty Honors Holocaust Survivors
Prince Charles met one of the survivors, 98-year-old Lily Ebert, who, showing him the numbered wrist tattoo forced upon her at Auschwitz said, “Meeting you, it is for everyone who lost their lives.”
Holocaust Remembrance Day: Confronting the Unconfrontable
On this day we are asked not to reflect, not to commemorate, so much as to try to conceive a crime so unspeakable as the cold-blooded murder of 11 million individual human beings, over 6 million of them Jews.
Remembering the Holocaust, and a Remarkable Story of Survival
Joe was a brilliant, hard-working man who, because he was Jewish, found himself a prisoner in a concentration camp in Poland from 1941 to 1945. It was after a Thanksgiving dinner when he and I were sitting alone on a living room couch fifty years later that he decided to tell me this remarkable story of survival that reflected who he really was.
World Remembers the Holocaust
This year’s Holocaust Day marks the 75th anniversaries of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, the end of the Holocaust and the end of World War II. Recent polling from the Pew Research Center, however, shows a lack of knowledge amongst Americans on the basic facts of the Holocaust and of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Out of 13,000 polled, fewer than half correctly answered multiple choice questions about those subjects.