Hang Together or we Shall All Hang Separately
We find that religion in general is under increased attack by the media, but mainstream religion still enjoys a certain level of protection not extended to others.
Religious Freedom—The History You Don’t Know
Until the mid-1300s, witchcraft and magic had been quietly accepted as part of the mystic melting pot that was Europe. That now changed. Early inquisitions in France targeted witches as the source of the catastrophes.
Shoulder to Shoulder Panel Shows Us Why People of All Faiths Must Confront Islamophobia
“If someone’s going to hate on Muslims they’re also going to hate on Jews. We need to stick together. The more we stick together, the greater this union we call America is.”
Surprised by My Own Prejudice
I surprised myself the other day when I recognized that I was actually prejudiced against another religion. That was a real eye-opener as I have been on the receiving end of religious hate on several occasions, and that is never fun. Some backstory will help.
The Liability of Religion Labels
Labels can be great. You can look at can labels and find out whether what you’re getting ready to eat is good for you. You can read labels on machinery and learn that you should really think twice before sticking your hand in there. I am a big fan of those kinds of labels.
Whole Blends—Cut Support of Anti-Religious TV Shows
If we cannot worship as we see fit—or not—then we are reduced to the level of animals forced into compliance with the non-option of having our spiritual beliefs chosen and prescribed for us by those who would deride and denigrate the deep and varied religious heritage of our country.