Andy Marlette Proves Bigotry Still Has a Platform, Even in 2020
It never ceases to amaze me that stupidity and arrogance so often go hand in hand, or in Pensacola News Journal columnist and cartoonist Andy Marlette’s case, pen in hand.
Anti-Semitism and the Festival of Lights
When I was traveling through Arkansas with a business partner, our host pointed out a burned-out establishment and proclaimed it was “Jew fire,” implying it was arson for profit, set to collect insurance proceeds.
Family Guy’s Unfunny Religious Bigotry
Even though I’m not a Catholic or a Jew, I was offended by this faux “humor,” which in fact belittled sacred traditions. What is the message? That religious people are deluded and deserve to be mocked? To push such an idea out to millions is despicable to say the least.
Flipping the Bigots
When he awoke the following morning, #JewishPrivilege was again trending on Twitter, but not because of the anti-Semites who spawned it, but rather from the targets of their hatred, Jews themselves, who shared their stories of discrimination and injustice.
New York Magazine’s Kerry Howley Should Know Better
Times change, modes change, targets change, but hatred and marginalization manage to find their outlets. Kerry Howley’s article is proof.
Next Stop: Tolerance
This is how it played out: At around midday on November 22, a passenger sitting in the train pulled out his phone to film an incident occurring in front of him. The footage (which immediately went viral) reveals a man reading passages from the Bible out loud to a young boy wearing a yarmulke, sitting beside him.
Three Legacies of Discrimination—Hate Crime in the U.S.
Groups or individuals on the receiving end of such attacks have a duty, not just a right, to make the truth about themselves known. And most importantly, we are all responsible for doing our part to build a society based on mutual understanding and respect in which we can live securely and in peace.
Twenty Minutes From Hate
We don’t take these things lightly anymore. We can’t. Not in a parade, not in Mardi Gras, and certainly not 20 minutes away from a memorial that stands in mute warning of where this sort of psychotic idiocy can lead—and where it did lead, not so very long ago.
Why We Must All Do Something About Anti-Semitism
The statistics are disheartening. Hate crimes against Jews are growing at an alarming rate— up 14 percent this past year over the previous one, per the latest FBI findings. Meanwhile, awareness of anti-Semitism is going down. In a recent American Jewish Committee survey 46 percent of U.S.
Human Rights Watch Finds Hate Crimes and Intolerance on the Rise
Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) 30th annual world report, compiled earlier this year and recently released, indicates that there is still much to do in eradicating human rights abuses, religious intolerance and violence.