Backsliding into Bigotry: America’s Addiction to Intolerance
Religion, once a cornerstone of society in virtually every culture, is being eroded in modern times. Attacks on religious freedom in the U.S. have more than doubled since 2011, according to a recent report by First Liberty Institute.
False Reports: The Insidious Force at the Bottom of Hate & Violence Against Minorities
Each of us has a responsibility to demand facts and to refuse to forward malicious lies and unproven generalities. We have an even greater responsibility to point out the good that comes with the diversity of the human race.
Why Our New Church of Scientology of the Valley Makes Me Proud
Have you ever been proud of some special achievement in your life? Perhaps it was something you did on your own, or perhaps you worked with others to bring a project to fruition.
Shame on bigots Bill Maher and Leah Remini
The web page of the United States Department of Justice dealing with religious freedom doesn't say “Protecting the Religious Freedom of All, Except Scientology.” It states, “Protecting the Religious Freedom of All.” It is all-inclusive because that is the overriding all-embracing principle at the heart of our democracy.
Deadline Hollywood Fawning over Leah Remini
The July 13 piece, fawning over Remini’s Emmy announcement, was just today eviscerated by none other than Radar Online who report that the whole series “was a total act.” Radar further reports that an erstwhile associate of Remini’s branded her show “cheap and fake” because it was “scripted” and is without a bone of genuine content as she, Remini, is only doing it “for the money.”
Mike Rinder’s Shame: Lying About His Words, Then Lying About His Lies
Mike Rinder, expelled former Scientologist and inveterate liar, cannot keep the truth straight.