L. Ron Hubbard

Solidarity Among Religions Will Empower Each of Us
The attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions is unforgivable and I have vocally stood against them and shall continue to do so. I believe that we should treat each other with mutual respect.
WSJ Prints Propaganda Review of Hatchet Job Book
While I appreciate that Guinn and Wright are bedfellows, in a figurative sense, further hyping of a notorious propaganda piece by Guinn actually cloaks him in the same mantle of bigotry.
MSN.com—the New Purveyor of Lies and Bigotry
Megyn Kelly, in her NBC Today show, broadcast the statement of the Deputy Commissioner of Policy for the California Department of Business Oversight. It is completely damning of LeClair and her fabricated story.
Sydney Morning Herald Should Use Writers Who Know What They’re Talking About
There is enough callous, hateful communication spread by unintelligent people on subjects of which they know nothing, for you to add more to that pile.
ABC Australia Siding with the Bigots
Leave it to ABC to cite to notorious religious bigots and racists as their authority on how to attack people working diligently to help children and adults recover their ability to study through L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology at Applied Scholastics.
Honoring International Human Rights Day
Sixty-nine years ago today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights —what would become the most widely agreed upon text on the subject of human rights and the most translated document in the world—was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.
New One-of-a-Kind Religious Freedom Resource Center Empowers All to Protect This Fundamental Human Right
This week, STAND unveiled a unique resource designed to empower every individual to better understand and protect their own fundamental human rights.
STAND Wishes All a Holiday Season Filled With Happiness and Peace
The STAND team extends its wishes for a bright, happy holiday season to friends, allies and all those across the globe working to make the warmth of these few precious weeks a reality year-round, and to end suffering, hardship and discrimination for all.
Church of Scientology: Champion of Human Rights since 1954
Overview The Church of Scientology is deeply committed to human rights for all. Its human rights education programs and human rights activities throughout the world stand second to none. In the words of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.
Did L. Ron Hubbard make a lot of money out of Scientology?