anti-religious hate

Cheatsheet, Cover the Truth About Leah Remini’s Religious Discrimination
Yet again we are confronted with an article filled with a mind-numbing recital of false claims coming from religion-hater Leah Remini, about my religion, Scientology.
Kia, Civil and Religious Rights are Destroyed When you Fund Hate TV
The scary version of Scientology painted by A&E and their associates has never been familiar to me. And I have been a Scientologist active in many parts of the Church for 44 years.
Firestone, Cease Funding Hate is Where the Rubber Meets the Road
This fake reality TV series that incites religious bigotry, and has resulted in harmful consequences, needs to be removed from any sponsor’s list of programs to advertise on.
Anti-Religious Hate Funded by Skechers Advertising Money
Along with millions of other Americans, I am tired of seeing bigotry, hatred and violence promoted in the media and this show does just that.
Insurance Should Insure Against A&E Hate TV Shows
I’m a Scientologist and have been for 43 years. My father was a Scientologist (until he passed away) and he introduced me to it. My children are Scientologists—by their choice—and so are my grandchildren. In all the years I’ve been in Scientology I have never seen anything the likes of which Ms. Remini speaks.
T-Mobile: Your Support of A&E/Remini Evil Hurts Good People
Time has come for you to choose between good and evil. Because make no mistake, evil and destruction is what Remini stands for while accusing others of it. Interestingly enough, that is exactly how the Nazis spread their agenda in the 1930’s, they accused an entire people, an innocent people, of the very evil they were guilty of.
A&E’s Un-American Attitude Toward Religion Should Not Be Supported
I ask you NOT to advertise on this program so your company is not viewed as condoning religious hatred.
Anheuser-Busch: You’re Funding Hate Crimes
Her show has inspired desecration of our facilities, numerous threats of physical violence, and yes, harassment of our children in public schools. Of course it won’t be you who is bloodied if any of these threats come to fruition. It will be me, or my friends, or my fellows or, God help us, our children.
MEDIA WATCH an Apologist for Leah Remini’s Instigated Threats and Violence
Remini’s hate campaign, misrepresented as a “public service” in your puff piece, has caused actual harm to individuals and families, as demonstrated in these specific instances I know of personally.
Disney, Enough is Enough—No More Discrimination Against Scientologists
Once again, I’m writing to express my upset, outrage and utter disgust at your renewal of the direct attack on my religion through Leah Remini’s self -promotional fiction.