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Unwarranted Bigotry at
Realize that you have a responsibility to society. Casting disparagement and making derogatory comments about a religion of which you know nothing relegates your writing to religious discrimination.
Irresponsible Reporting Is at The Heart of Unpopular Media
Certain members of the media remain behind the times, unable to absorb factual information. Maybe one day that will all change, but the message you transmit is that you do not know your facts and repeat others’ bigotry.
Bigotry Doesn’t Belong in the Atlanta Business Chronicle
The Atlanta Business Chronicle has since removed all anti-Scientology content from the offending article.
Disney, Please Live Up to Your Heritage And Stop The Hate
As a Scientologist, I have seen Scientology do too much good and change too many lives dramatically for the better to stand by while a systematic effort to denigrate it is allowed to pass itself off as information.
EW, it is Time For Accurate Reporting on Scientology From You
What is needed is an even-handed, non discriminatory approach when discussing this subject. Scientology is a new religion. It has been misunderstood because it is new. Certain individuals capitalize on others’ ignorance and spread lies about it, as Ms. Remini is doing. It does not mean that you should forward those lies.
I wish you DID stand for the truth
Judging by this article, “Is Scientology compatible with Christianity?“ what you actually stand for is bigotry, hate and intolerance.
If you write about Scientology at least read the website
Your article of last week gives your readership a completely tainted and false impression of the Purification Rundown, which, in Scientology, is an entirely spiritual address to toxins lodged in cells of the body.
Letter to the Daily Mail Concerning Defamatory Falsehood
Daily Mail has since corrected the offending article.
Remini Bigotry in a Category All By Itself
This type of television programming is frightening and has placed people at risk. I have grandchildren and I have become concerned for their safety. I personally request that you cease your financial support of this horrible show. Hopefully ratings and money are not the only things that drive Hollywood today.
MEDIA WATCH’s Discrimination Misses Boat on Scientology Religion
Scientology is a truly unique contemporary religion—the only major religion to emerge in the 20th century and flourish in the 21st. While it owes a spiritual debt to Eastern religions, it was born in the West and its religious beliefs are expressed in the technological language of the mid-20th century. Scientology adds a precise and workable technology for applying spiritual concepts to every aspect of life.