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Inquisitr: Find Out What You Are Writing About Before You Write It
Your rendition of Scientology is so far removed from anything connected with the subject that you make yourself an object of ridicule by writing it. This is unfortunate, because it is so unnecessary.
When Will the Media Learn to Say It as It Is?
In the future please find out what you are writing about before you publish it. By doing this you will avoid foisting off on your readership your own prejudices.
Dishonest Reporting in Ynet article on Scientology
I read your article on “recruiting to Scientology.” The problem from the very beginning is that your reporters lied when they walked into my Church.
Scientologists Outraged at “The Age’s” Attack on Religious Freedom
These statements are bigoted and discriminatory in the extreme. This is blatant religious discrimination. Scientologists in Australia are totally outraged by this attack on religious freedom.
STAND Demands Keep its Reporting Clean
I read the piece you published in entitled “The Denver Post Successfully Lowers Public Intelligence.” What a shameless, bigoted reference to the Church of Scientology you carried in it.
Vox Media Publishes Anti-Scientology Hate
Ms. Romano apparently goes out of her way to find “opportunities” to defame the Scientology religion and spread hateful rhetoric against its members. In an August 2019 article, she strains to fix in the mind of the reader a connection between Scientology and the infamous murderer, Charles Manson. It reflects terribly on Vox that I would have to inform you that this is beyond despicable.
Life & Style Promotes Anti-Scientology Hate
In its latest issue, tabloid magazine Life & Style defamed the Scientology religion once again, employing stereotypes, debunked myths, and anti-Scientology tropes while publishing bigoted and childish descriptors like “weird” in connection with the global religion.