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What a Catholic Taught Me About Civil Discourse
Sometimes YOU (not the other guy) are the one who has to change. I’ve learned that many times in my life.
What Cops and Scientologists Have in Common
A very good friend of mine is a police officer. She and I recently took a lovely vacation to Scotland and Ireland. Man, did we have a blast. The first day of our trip we were waiting for a connecting flight in New Jersey and we struck up a conversation with a very nice man and his family. He asked what we did and I replied that I was a business consultant and my friend was a police officer.
What the News Media Will Never Tell You About Scientology
I have been in Scientology since 1980. At the age of 24 my life had become consumed by alcohol and drug abuse. I was on the fast track to an early grave.
What We Can Learn From the Jussie Smollett Story
Objectivity in media is, based on my experience, a myth. Some groups and organizations are more altruistic and civic-minded than others, but no one goes to the time, trouble and expense to produce and promote something broadly unless they are trying to achieve specific goals, and if it’s a commercial enterprise
Which Scientology Books Have You Read?
Any longtime Scientologist like me has become inured to periodic lunatic media eruptions on the subject. They bring to mind A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wherein Puck famously said, “Lord what fools these mortals be.“
Who’s Next in the Crosshairs of Discrimination?
Understand, that if one innocent person or group is not safe among us—if one person or group is denied the freedoms that are our basic human rights—none are safe.
Why Religious Freedom is Under Attack
Most world religions share a common purpose, whether it’s acknowledging spirituality, encouraging humanitarianism or preaching honesty and integrity. Yet, despite how constructive these may be, a recent report found that attacks on religious liberty have been on the rise.
MEDIA WATCH caught copying false Daily Mail piece
I read your take-off of Scott Campbell’s hateful Daily Mail article purporting to cover Scientology Volunteer Ministers working at the Grenfell Tower disaster helping those directly and indirectly affected.
The Daily Mail and the Truth: Polar Opposites
I read the hateful article by Scott Campbell criticizing Scientologists for coming to the Grenfell Tower disaster to help those directly and indirectly affected.
Anheuser—Stop Paying For A&E Bigotry and Hate
I am a Scientologist and an American. I would like to practice my religion without false attacks on my church promoted as “truth” by a handful of former Scientologists for profit and entertainment.