L. Ron Hubbard

Peace on Earth, Protecting Goodwill for All
The day after Thanksgiving 2018, I suffered a heart attack and was rushed through triple bypass surgery. My wife is helping me with wonderful care. Our home is full of flowers; I thank the many family and friends who sent their love, admiration and best wishes for my wellbeing.
People Who “Discriminate” Can’t Discriminate
Real, careful discrimination takes accurate observation, knowledge of the subject at hand, and fine judgment. That takes some thinking—and it takes some work.
Portrait of a True Leader: David Miscavige
One can spot a true leader miles away. Their certainty of ability, humbleness in accomplishment and compassion for the whole damn world and every person in it are all visible.
Religion in Comedy—Where Do We Draw the Line?
When you want to bring up a faith that’s not your own, you better know what you’re talking about. You better be accurate, and you better not side with a bigot. History tells us a lot of the biggest wars came from misunderstanding—or not tolerating—another’s faith.
Religion Is Man’s Salvation
Though it is up to each of us to choose which religious path to follow, religion, period, is worth it. Beyond individual improvement, it unites us in a common goal of a better world—one which, for future generations, erases the fears I suffered in my youth.
Religion: What’s the Point?
Religion is like marriage: there’s so much to criticize about it, yet people still want to tie the knot. Marriage is designed to fulfill a need: the need for companionship, solace and pleasure in the pursuit of posterity. Clearly, we need it.
Religions Fight for Freedom
Today we think of apartheid’s end in 1994 as inevitable. But it took the concerted efforts and sacrifice of many for 50 years, both inside and outside South Africa.
Rewriting History: Neil Sarfati’s Sad Lies About Scientology
Once striving to achieve success as an artist, Neil Sarfati is now reduced to seeking attention by exploiting his former religion.
Scientology vs. Science Fiction
I was born in the South. There’s a kind of running joke about how someone in the South can insult you so politely you’re not even upset about it (if you even notice at all).
Scientology: What’s in a Name?
Ron was discussing methods of determining sanity. He described sanity in a number of ways but the simplest was noting the individual’s ability to compute—think—accurately. The word that got me was “accurately.”