Disney: please help stop the bullying
I have always loved Disney for their anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies but not now that you are supporting a program which is only creating false information, bigotry, bullying and discrimination against Scientologists.
Respect Among Religions Is the Future
I read your very un-Christian recent article on the Church of Scientology. The unjustified and unholy way in which you regurgitate titillating tabloid trash is far more reflective of misinformed journalism than anything to do with Scientology.
Pope Francis Announces World Day of Peace
Continuing a tradition established by Pope Paul VI in 1968, Pope Francis proclaimed January 1, 2020, the 53rd World Day of Peace. In a message commemorating the special day, he described peace as “a journey made together in constant pursuit of the common good, truthfulness and respect for law.
State Department Hosts Largest International Religious Freedom Event in History
“STAND is proud to participate alongside officials of the Church of Scientology both in this historic Ministerial and the International Religious Freedom Roundtable, which has played a vital role in making this event possible,” said International STAND Director Edward Parkin.
The New Year
As 2018 launches and 2017 fades in the rear-view mirrors of our minds, STAND looks forward to a year of great strides in the fields of tolerance, mutual respect and religious freedom.
We Embrace Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, But Would He Embrace Us?
A lifetime has already passed since that 1963 speech, and we, at the end of that passage of time, still live in a country made dangerous by hate.