Mike Rinder’s Legacy
The simple truth is that Mike Rinder makes his living fomenting bigotry and hate against the group whose standards he failed to live up to.
My Ph.D. in Hate: A Scientologist STANDs Against Bigotry
I know a lot about hate. Unfortunately, I’ve had way too much experience with intolerance and bigotry. I’m an expert in it. You’d think that perhaps I grew up in the Jim Crow South or some war-torn nation in the Middle East.
One Night on Council Beach
Hysterical cheers swept through the flock like gusts of wind across a wheat field. Krak stood silent, smiling, soaking in the sounds as if each was a cry of adoration for him personally. In the frenzy, three innocent gulls were pecked to death.
Opening God’s Door to Hate: The Terrible Conundrum for Today’s Spiritual Leaders
“I welcomed a terrorist into my congregation. I live with that responsibility.”
Reflections on International Day Against Racism
The world recently celebrated United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and I wanted to write about it.
Religions Must Unite to Combat Hate, Interfaith Conference Concludes
A group of religious leaders and scholars recently gathered in cyberspace for an exploration of the role of interfaith unity and the importance of working together to overcome discrimination, intolerance and hate.
Resolutions—For the Media & the Rest of Us
I resolve to remove all adjectives in referring to a religion or group.
Teaching Our Children Bigotry
Hate is not a natural thing. It is a learned thing.
The Creation of Love & Hate
In doing these things He sat in council with Adam. “Lord,” said Adam, “will You not grant us a gift—a miracle that happens not just once, but throughout eternity, as a daily reminder of Your grace and of Your presence in each person’s heart?”
The Definition of Hate
Just as the only thing we need to fear is Fear itself, so the only thing truly worth hating is Hate. And since Hate equals Fear, anyway, the next time you feel your gorge rising with venom against something you’ve read or someone you’ve heard, try this handy little remedy: