Car Crashes and Nut Jobs
I have some non-Scientologist friends who will hit me up when some new “exposé” rehashes ancient disproven allegations or some once-celebrity grasps for a bit of former spotlight by trying to sling mud at Church staff members or high-profile parishioners.
Connecticut’s First Sikh City Councilman Shares Perspective on His Historic Win
I know how minority groups can be attacked if they don’t have a voice, so I have always wanted to be a voice for underrepresented communities. This platform will help me be that voice.
CounterPunch Deals the Gateway Drug to Bigotry
Reducing hundreds of thousands of sincere individuals to a sneering allusion at the end of a snide put-down is not journalism, nor is it even writing. It’s propaganda, pure and simple.
“Cults”: Peeling Back the Label
When any label about someone else is offered, peel it back. Find out what’s actually underneath. Free them from the cage in your mind and talk to them honestly. Keep your own counsel. Find your own truths. You don’t need to agree. You don’t have to join them. But having another friend is never bad, even if he is (or especially because he is) from another religion.
Disney: How Do I Explain Bigotry to My Granddaughter?
Perhaps I could tell her that the movie characters she admires—those who stand up for their beliefs, who overcome obstacles to find their own true way—are just imagination.
Disney: It’s Time to Pull the Plug on A&E
The loss in viewership, attributed to A&E’s cancellation of its police show, Live PD, exposed a suppurating inoperable tumor in the network’s gut: a penchant for bigotry, violence and sensationalism. That penchant spawned an ultimately fatal addiction to shows featuring crime on the one hand, while whitewashing discrimination and hatred of minority religions on the other.
Don’t Joke, Look!
By Evan Wecksell I live in Los Angeles, a city with the highest concentration of Scientologists in the world.
“Educated” Hate—Like That of NY Times’ Amanda Hess
Yes, chatty little “everyone-knows” assertions can develop into virulent violent acts of rage with the turn of a page, the click of a mouse, the frown of a doubt. So yes, let’s talk about hate. Or, on second thought, let’s not. Let’s talk about not-hate. The use of the word “hate” lets far too many people go (“Tsk. Not me.”). It’s too easy to say, “Goodness gracious, I don’t HATE those people. I just would rather my kids went to a ‘better’ school, if you know what I mean.”
Et tu, Stacey Carosi?
In one of my favorite seasons of Saved by the Bell, Zack Morris developed a summer relationship with Stacey Carosi, a tough, yet sensitive daughter of a beach club owner. One of the silver linings of the movie Old School was that it featured (at that time) a well-known Scientologist.
Everyday Actions to Combat Bigotry
Help End Religious Intolerance Wherever You Are Some of the moms I know are total superheroes, and I recently felt compelled to write about them.