Leah Remini: Without Scientology “I Would Probably Be an Animal”
It’s an eye-opener to discover that Leah Remini’s “Premath” had an entirely different script. Before Remini unleashed a salvo of abuse and hatred against her former religion on her now dead-and-buried “Aftermath” show, she held the opposite position.
Religion: The Price of Being “Different”
What are these people so afraid of? That Jehovah’s Witnesses are personally attacking them by handing them copies of The Watchtower? That a man in a turban is going to change the fabric of the City Council? That Mormons will make them look bad by being too moral? That a Muslim real estate agent is a terrorist? That a Scientologist might poison their minds with The Way to Happiness? The list could go on.
Religion: What’s the Point?
Religion is like marriage: there’s so much to criticize about it, yet people still want to tie the knot. Marriage is designed to fulfill a need: the need for companionship, solace and pleasure in the pursuit of posterity. Clearly, we need it.
Religious Freedom in Australia: The Vestiges of Intolerance Resurface
Religious intolerance is an old story in humanity, nearly as old as religion itself. But tolerance is old too: Cyrus the Great, one of the founders of the Persian Empire back in 500 BC, built his empire on religious tolerance.
Scientology: The “Other” Philosophy
The philosophy of facing and handling life requires things like responsibility, courage, self-reliance, the ability to reason well, character, and many other characteristics considered desirable in the individual. The philosophy of avoiding and escaping involves the opposite: irresponsibility, fear, dependence, lack of resolve, emotional reaction, dishonesty.
STAND’s Annual Year-End Reception: A Meeting of Minds
Once I began to study Scientology, one of the things that kept me coming back was the people I’ve been privileged to associate with and befriend. After forty plus years, I’ve yet to meet any group of folks with such a combination of drive, intelligence, creativity, insight, wit, intense curiosity and outright quirky, irreverent humor. The bloggers of STAND are among the cream.
The Power of Listening
The first course I took in Scientology was called, “The Communication Course.” The first exercise on the course was called “TR-Zero.” The “TR” stood for “Training Routine.
The Brilliance of Scientology
For most of us, our cell phone is a thing of wonder and mystery. We don’t know how it works, we only know it does. Well, it works because engineers figured out the best materials, exact dimensions for components and necessary power, currents, programs, etc.
The Scientology “Mystery” Solved
I have often seen confusion arise in the minds of people who hear snippets of the theatrical, artificial media version of Scientology. My own family, friends and acquaintances know me as mostly “normal” and hard working. A little wacky, a little funny, somewhat interesting, but just another guy.
The Truth about Scientology, in my View
I remember when I was 17 years old and first walked into a Church of Scientology in Chicago. I was young, troubled, unsure of myself and not at all sure what Scientology was. I had just read the book Dianetics and it was absolutely revolutionary to me.