religious bigotry

The State of Religious Freedom in America
Freedom of religion is under attack in our country, where more so than any other it should be protected. I am appalled.
When Media Crosses the Line and Feeds the Flames of Religious Bigotry
When major media becomes unfair, unjust and dishonest it threatens the bedrock of our society that depends on an honest evaluation and understanding of key issues of our times. Just such a biased and unfair film ran on a cable network last year about Scientology.
Children that have grown up in Scientology
Why don’t you do a story that has some originality and feature actual currently practicing Scientologists and find out why people practice the religion to begin with?
Religious experience is personal and deserves respect.
I strongly suggest that you refrain from such inappropriate treatment of Scientology or any other religion or belief.
MEDIA WATCH piece on Scientology is bigoted, hateful and false
In today’s world of media-incited religious hatred, no one faith should be used as a prop to attack another. The only product of your posting is to spread bigotry against Scientology. And if the press popularizes bigotry against one faith, whose faith is next?
Religious Discrimination Brought To The Urgent Attention of Disney
It is hard to conceive that Disney is in any way involved in such hateful, money-motivated messaging. It makes me wonder if amusement park owners in Germany actively worked to create hatred against Jews as you are doing with me and my family.
STAND Denounces Latest Threats to Jewish Community
Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination condemns acts of vandalism and threats targeting Jewish communities across the United States. Once again a week started with news of cemetery desecrations and bomb threats.
Toronto Religious Leaders Unite Against Hate
After senseless anti-religious violence in the nation, Church of Scientology Toronto hosted an interfaith service to affirm cooperation among diverse religious communities.
Vandalism at California Churches Investigated as Possible Hate Crime
Two churches in West Covina, California, were vandalized and defaced by a man who spray-painted anti-religious epithets on religious statuary, signs, walkways and windowpanes.
Interview with relatives of Lori Hodgson
Jessica and Jeremy Leake describe how Lori Hodgson attacked their personal beliefs and even ambushed her son with a news crew brought to his place of employment.